Health Aide

Having professional caregivers, nurses and therapists in our hospice is a very big advantage on your part. By receiving the appropriate listening, medical attention or support services, your health risks are diminished, delayed and pain can be alleviated. These trained professionals can answer to your care requirements while preventing further injury or health complications and providing you with compassion and understanding.

We provide assistance with daily living activities such as:
- Bathing
- Dressing & Grooming
- Meals Planning ( diet based on physician's recommendation)
- Feeding
- Mobility
- Making the Bed & Changing the Sheets
- Laundry

Able Hands Hospice also offers formal/skilled care services such as:
- Skilled Nursing
- Physical Therapy
- Occupational Therapy
- Speech Therapy
- Media Social Services

Our mission is to make our patients benefit from care and help and reassure them in this last process while being well surrounded.